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What do you get when you couple extensive university engagements and researchers from a global leader in technology? Creation of technologies not yet imagined...

This is what we're doing within Intel Labs University Research. Within this team are three distinct divisions, responsible for working with university partners to create the future. Within the area of focused research, we collaborate with academic researchers and fund both small and large grants, in an effort to explore new breakthrough technologies.  In the area of exploratory research, we run large research centers worldwide to define the future of a variety of fields, including embedded systems, sustainable cities, and security.  Coupled with these are various programs that partner with universities globally to update curriculum, support student contests, and connect with top PhD students.  The overall result of these dynamically coordinated efforts is innovation that redefines the limits of technology.

Focused Research

Targeted research in which Intel collaborates with academic researchers to provide the technical and financial support for projects that push technology beyond its known limits.

Exploratory Research

Intel-funded, jointly-led exploratory research communities, in which each community is focused on a specific technology area or discipline, and which brings together top researchers from across academia and within Intel, to explore and uncover not only new answers, but new questions.


Collaborative efforts between Intel researchers and university professors, to quickly transfer research results and Intel’s latest technology into the classroom, in an effort to enhance student learning.


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