Intel Science and Technology Center for Visual Computing


The Visual Computing Center engages in open, collaborative, and exploratory research in visual computing. We seek to bring modern trends in computing (the cloud, crowd sourcing, hand-held computing) to bear on hybrids of computer graphics, animation, image understanding, and large-scale gaming. The Visual Computing Center was launched on Jan 26th 2011. It is centered at Stanford and brings together thought leaders from Stanford, University of Washington, UC Berkeley, Cornell, Princeton, Harvard, UC Davis, UC Irvine and Intel to collaboratively advance the state-of-the-art in visual computing.

Management Team

  • Greg Leeming (Contact)
    Title: Program Director
    Affiliation/employer: Intel Labs, University Collaborative Research
  • Frank Crow
    Title: Principal Investigator
    Affiliation/employer: Intel
  • Jim Hurley
    Title: Principal Investigator
    Affiliation/employer: Intel
  • Pat Hanrahan
    Title: Professor, Principal Investigator
    Affiliation/employer: Stanford University